Who is Guo Jingming

Guo Jingming – Most Hated Male Celebrity or Author Extraordinaire?

Guo Jingming was born in 1983 in Zigong, Sichuan and is a Chinese young adult author who is also known as Edward Guo. He is the founder of Ke Ai Entertainment Company (established in 2004), and has written a number of best selling books including “City of Fantasy”, which sold over 1.5 million copies and ranked second on the best-seller list. Guo has had an incredibly successful career and was worth approximately $3.6 million dollars in 2011. Success did not come without controversy however, and Guo has been accused of plagiarism and was featured as China’s #1 most hated male celebrity on Tianya.com, one of the biggest forums in the country. In this post we will examine his career, life, and controversies.

Early Life and Works

Guo was born in the southwest of China to a middle-class family and developed a strong propensity for writing and reading at a very young age. During middle school he began delving into famous Chinese works of literature, including books by Gu Long, and began writing for a local magazine by the time he was an early teenage. Shortly after this, Guo had a poem published in the national Rensheng Shiliuqi magazine titled “Loneliness”, which described his feelings during his school years. He earned $1.50 for his work, but although the monetary amount was small, it would spur him to pursue a career in writing. In 2003 Guo published his first novel, which sold 800,000 copies in the first few months and has sold more than 1.5 million copies since. His first published work was “The City of Fantasy“, which again sold 1.5 million copies and ranked second on the best seller list. Since then, Guo has published three more novels, with each being met with similar success. He attributes their popularity to both his style of writing and his beautiful book cover design, which he says is paramount to getting new readers to pick up his works.


In 2004, while still studying at university, Guo published his second novel “Never Flowers in Never Dream”. Although it sold over 600,000 copies in the first month, a court found that it shared 12 major plot lines and 57 other similarities with a book that had already been published. Guo was accused of plagiarism and was ordered to pay the original author a fee of approximately $25,000 and publicly apologize. While Guo did pay the fee, he refused to apologize and the backlash was fierce. Many angry critics referred to him as “Super Plagiarism Boy” and an author with “no sense of decency”. He was then rated China’s #1 most hated male celebrity on one of countries most popular forums, and most recently, accused of sexual harassment. Despite the controversies however, Guo has maintained his innocence and vowed to prove his critics wrong, no matter how long it takes.

Current Projects

Guo is has been transitioning from the written world to the big screen with his entertainment company, and most recently produced show; “Rush to the Dead Summer”. The show aired on Chinese television from June 11th to July 8th, 2017.

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